S.# Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Said Qasim Assistant Professor (TTS) Ph.D.
2 Dr. Sanaullah Panezai Assistant Professor (TTS) Ph.D.


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Research Projects


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Field Research

Field research is aimed with a goal to produce human resource (students) be skillful, technical and more professional in writing, analysis of data, interpretation and expertise in conversion of spatially located data into regional study.


Departmental Library

The departmental library is managed by a qualified librarian and has a collection of books covering a wide range of disciplines in Geography and Regional Planning. The existing library provides services to both students and professionals belonging to different environment-related departments/ institutions within and outside the campus.To search Central library books catalog click here

GIS and RS Laboratory

The department has the GIS and RS Laboratory for equipped with computers for spatial analysis of data and producing maps.

Cartographic Laboratory

There is a Cartographic Laboratory for land surveying and making maps.

Research Laboratory

The department has a research laboratory for the research students of M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs. Research students are provided cabins with table and chair for conducting research.

Meteorological Laboratory

There is Metrological Laboratory in the department for surveying and making maps.

Geomorphological Laboratory

The Geomorphological Laboratory possess the models of geologic features. The department also shares the Geology Department’s museum for Identification of minerals and rock samples.

Internet Facility

The internet facility is available at the department. A large number of national and international journals are available on Digital Library provided by HEC. The downloading of these research articles of your interests is free of cast.