DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY AND REGIONAL PLANNING Department of Geography and Regional Planning

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Department of Geography and Regional Planning


The Department of Geography and Regional Planning was established in 1985. It caters formal education and research in the fields of Physical and Human Geography with special focus on Regional Development Planning. This department has stretched its dimension from pure geography to its applied aspects like regional planning, urban planning, healthcare and rural planning in 2017 with the return of the qualified faculty in diversified fields of studies, and now earned the name of the Department of Geography and Regional Planning as a result of its practical planning applications. Apart from BS and M.Sc., the Department of Geography and Regional Planning offers higher studies of M.Phil. & Ph.D. programs in various fields like environmental sciences, climate change studies, disaster management, regional planning, urban and rural planning, natural resource management etc. Moreover, the Department has also planned to initiate one year diploma in Geomatics: Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS).

Geography examines the interlocking systems of the natural and human environments; evaluates earth potential and assesses the available means to exploit these potentials in a sustainable manner for the mans life. Geography explains human behavior in spatial terms at all levels from small scale personal activities to the geo-political practices of nation-states. Geography is one of the old and mother disciplines that bridges physical and social sciences. The major essence of geography is to explain and map terrestrial processes at various spatial and temporal scales on the surface pertaining to physical and human environments.


  •  To provide educational programs which encourage students to think creatively, constructively and to communicate ideas effectively.

  •  To foster an environment that promotes learning, research and practice through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.

  •  To provide qualified and focused professionals in the subject of Geography to meet the future needs of educational institutions and field oriented research departments.

  •  To prepare researchers to meet the needs of administration and research organizations.

  •  To keep the society aware regarding socio-cultural, environmental and economic problems in variety of spatial settings.

  • To develop skill of quantitative analysis in addition to their descriptive capabilities of problems analysis and identification.

Vocational Job Opportunities/ Marketability of Graduates

There is a lot of demand of Geography's graduates in various sectors and are reported competitive and well performers. A few employment opportunities institutions are listed below:

o        All educational and research institutions

o        Planning and Development Departments

o        Firms consulting on environmental problems

o        Institutions needing Environmental Analysts

o        As a GIS Analyst in Corporation Operating GIS

o        Census Organizations: Population, Agricultural and etc.

o        Government Strategic Policy Analysis Departments

o        Armed Forces (Air Force, Navy and Army).

o        Natural Resource Management (NRM)

o        Geological Survey of Pakistan and Survey of Pakistan

o        Meteorological Observatories of Pakistan

o        Tourism Departments

o        Crisis Management Cells

o        National Disaster management Authority (NDMA)

o        SUPARCO

o        As a Social organizer in NGOs.

o        Rural Development & Local Government

o        UNDP

o        Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

o        Geosciences Laboratories

o        Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC)

o        Pakistan Steels

o        Civil Services of Pakistan

o        Oil & Gas Development Corporation (OGDC)

o        Ministry of Petroleum (Petroleum Cell) and Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. (PPL)

o        Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

University of Balochistan